This is the Season. This is the Activist’s Real Job.

This is your resource.  A stunningly unique movement has been growing across the country and the new web site you are reading now is just another indicator of how strong that movement has become.   They are rediscovering something that most of our fathers hardly knew, but that out grandfathers probably knew quite well: direct and governing participation in our political process.    And it’s not just the tea party folk – true conservatives of every stripe and description are working together to implement this strategy.

Yes, I am talking about you.  Governing.  To take our country back.  It’s already working.  We are seeing big results*, and we’ve barely started.   More and more people are learning how to do this; it’s easy, and it’s effective.  Once you get used to it, it’s even fun.

It’s the way our founders intended us to govern our country from the very beginning, but we sorta lost the knack there for a couple of generations.  But the knack is back, and citizens all across the country are teaching each other how to directly govern our government again.

And the best part is, our elected politicians cannot refuse this citizen governance.  They can’t do an end-run around it, and they can’t engage (or pay for) enough media to quash it.  Those politicians have no choice but to submit to your will.

Before I tell you what this strategy is, let’s review what did not work for us as we learned how to become true activists.

We wrote letters, faxes and emails: …and we got letters back trying to convince us we were wrong.  Our names and emails were placed on a list of voters whose opinions needed to be changed.  Instead of influencing our ‘trusted servants’ we got ourselves micro-targeted as opinions that needed to be moved by media.
- We carried signs and protested at rallies: …and caused some eyeballs to roll inside the beltway while putting some talking heads (our ‘leaders’) on TV on a couple of networks (ignored by the other networks).
- We signed petitions: …and our mailboxes began to fill up with appeals for donations.
- We worked for our candidates: …halfway sickened that this was the best candidate we could this this season in many instances.
- We commented on news stories online and wrote our blogs and not much changed. (there is a time to get off the keyboard and into the street as an activist!)

Vector sum: Zero. You know the litany.  We’ve tried it all until we discovered the one thing that actually works.  Works fast, and works directly.

We finally decided to take direct control of our party and govern our party from the inside.  The actual title or office goes by different names in different states, but nationwide we’ve hung a generic name on it that’s broadly understood:  the precinct committeeman, or PC.  That’s what’s required to have a vote to actually govern your party, and thus your country.

And this spring, while caucuses and elections to choose those precinct committeemen, county party officers and state party officers are going on, we quickly learn that many or most PCs do not stay PCs for very long: they are quickly drafted upward to serve as county or state officers in their party.   That’s why the party is changing so fast.  Not fast enough, I admit, but if you really have your finger on the pulse of the party, then you know the party really is changing at a sonic pace.

You see, nationwide, half or more of the voting seats in your party are empty.   Vacant.   Unoccupied.    Since most states allow for vacancy appointments between the actual elections, that means you can practically walk in, ask, and be seated in a voting vacancy.

That’s how you govern your party.     And remember I said that half or more of those voting PC seats are empty?  That means there’s a vacuum at the county and state level that’s going to draft you upward quickly.

How does being a PC affect the change we want?
Well we’ve all heard about those ‘smoke-filled rooms’ where everything really happens.   Becoming a PC makes you a voting member in those smoke-filled rooms.  Becoming a PC makes you a real voting member in those ‘smoke-filled rooms’.    Our grandfathers knew where those smoke-filled rooms were and some of our grandfathers frequented them.   We lost that for a couple of generations, but now we’re bringing it back.

Did you hear the US Senator John Kyl (R-AZ) decided not to run again?   Who do you think convinced him?  The PCs.

Did you hear the US Senator John Ensign (R-NV) decided not to run again?  Who do you think convinced him?  The PCs.

Recently a single small group of PCs in Arizona took out the Arizona state GOP chair (he was also serving as the RNC Treasurer).   The PCs in AZ turned around a few weeks later and elected a tea partier as state chair by write-in vote over John Kyl’s pick (may also have influenced his decision not to run again, above).

NH also elected a tea partier as state chair (over Sununu’s objections) the same way.

And where we can’t change serving politicians right away we can exert very powerful influences that change votes and changes behavior.

There is one absolute power that PCs hold over politicians that get’s the politician’s attention really fast.  Just say ‘primary’.

Most politicians roll their eyes when they hear the word ‘primary’.  They know that nobody really has any authority to primary them.

Except the PCs.  When they hear the word ‘primary’ from a few PCs, that drives an icy spike of fear into their heart.   Very good for behavior modification.

Many new PCs have learned that they can shoot off an angry email to their Senator or Congressman and have a staffer call them within 15-30 minutes.  They just happened to mention that they serve on their local party central committee.

I don’t want to soil myself dealing with those tainted slimeballs. In many generations past, men got down in the real mud and slugged it out for our country.   You’re not willing to meet new people (some of whom you are going to have good reason to like)?   There are many like you already in those smoke-filled romms – they will be very glad when you show up to give them support!

My son has band… and my daughter has soccer… Then you will have some very talented and enslaved children.  You already know that you children are getting absolutely nothing in the way of a civics education; take them with you and show them how your country is really governed.  They’ll be proud of you.

But… but… There’s no excuse.   Your choices are stark and vivid: either get involved, become a grassroots leader in your local party, or watch your country go down the drain.  Give your friends who say ‘there’s not a dime’s worth of difference…’ a real choice.

It’s the best gift – the best legacy – you can leave future generations.





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