What IF Your Local TEA Party Were to Run your Political Party?

Is the Party in your local area listening to input from the Grassroots? What if We the INFORMED People were to gather our power and influence in such a way that those at the top in the party would have to listen to us?

All across the state of Arizona, TEA Parties and Constitutional Conservatives worked to get conservatives into the ranks of our Precinct Committees. From there in many legislative districts and counties, we worked to get our Conservative Constitutionalists elected as delegates to our Arizona State Republican Convention.

We had our Arizona State GOP convention in Phoenix on January 22, 2011. The national GOP leadership and our powerful and established GOP Senators Kyl and McCain and Congressmen picked who they wanted to serve as our Arizona State GOP Chairman. They put on an elaborate campaign including the mailing of glossy postcards and speaking tours across the state.

The TEA parties learned of what was happening and rallied to communicate our desire to have leadership that represents the true grassroots and who would not seek to COMPROMISE at the earliest stage in the conflicts that are to come. We rallied our delegates to support this plan and we elected an entire slate of TEA Party picks to lead our Arizona State GOP Committee. Our man, Tom Morrissey, won the election on the third ballot by just one vote.

We won in spite of having a write-in candidate (Tom Morrissey) for state Chairman who was not known to be a candidate 72 hours before the election.

In Arizona, the TEA Party movement WILL RUN THE GOP!

Did you notice that a few days later Senator John Kyl decided not to run for re-election in 2012?

Senator Robert Bennett was defeated in the UTAH primary for his run as a third term in the Senate. This was the result of TEA Party organizing. Tea party wins victory in Utah as incumbent GOP senator loses bid for nominationore . . .

My TEA Party organization,We the INFORMED People, will be hosting a seminar entitled “How to Make a Difference” here in Prescott on April 9, 2011 and again on Saturday, May 14, 2011. The precinct strategy will be a major part of the program. We have a GREAT SLATE of speakers at this event. For full details and to register please see

I have made a subsequent post to fully explain what we accomplished as Precinct Committeemen and Arizona State Delegates. See what Cold Warrior had to say. Indeed WE CAN CONTROL THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!


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