What is The Precinct Project?

Political parties are political vehicles. They aren’t sacred and often times we can see them shift in significant ways when viewed historically. The reason for this movement is that these political vehicles are defined by the people who make them up. They are malleable and can be strongly influenced by dedicated groups of activists.

This truth has strong implications for all grassroots movements, such as the TEA Party. Most conservatives today realize that the historical realities and legal structure of our electoral system make our two-party system a long-term reality. Whether you are a fan of that or not doesn’t change that it’s a fact. Wishing the system to change will not make it so. There is a way, however, to change the way the party works!

The Precinct Project has been launched in an effort to help educate and motivate conservatives across the country to become more involved in the political process. Toward that end, we are working to gather and curate an ever-growing amount of information about how to become a Precinct Chairman or Committeeman, how to be effective in that role and how to maximize your impact within the party system.

It is our goal to serve as a nexus of knowledge related to becoming a Precinct Committee member and excelling in that positon. To that end, we will provide general resources as well as specific information about the laws and practices of each state. The information in this site should not be taken as legal advice but as a primer to help educate voters and those interested in influencing their community. If you have information that you believe would be helpful to this sites’ visitors we would greatly appreciate you sharing it with us. We will work to keep the information on the site as fresh and accurate as possible.

The Precinct Project is powered by American Majority Action and operated in conjunction with some of the nation’s most effective conservative activists. This project would not be possible without the indispensable work of Dan ‘ColdWarrior’ Schultz and Ron Robinson.

This site will feature blogs and resources written from a variety of perspectives and from a growing number of conservative activists. We are a non-partisan organization but unapologetically conservative. While blogs and resources will necessarily mention America’s major political parties, we don’t endorse a particular party or candidate.

As more and more conservatives adopt this strategy of precinct level involvement they will exert a powerful influence over our nation’s future. Please join us in this fight!


  1. Elaine DiCostanzo, M.D. said

    Apr 17, 2011 at 2:27 AM

    Why is New York not listed in the list of states? I am interested in becoming involved there.

    • We will be adding New York shortly. If you have any information that you think other Precinct activists would find helpful, please forward it to
      I’m glad to hear that you want to get involved!

  2. I have been doing this in Missouri since 1984. It works and can turn the country around in one election cycle if we start now for 2012.

  3. Louisiana seems to be missing too. I’ll see what I can dig up here and try to get back with some info. With Louisiana’s political history you probably need a letter from King Louis.

    • Geoff, Any information you can share would be a great help! If you find that letter from King Louis let me know!
      Louisiana should be up this next week.

  4. the committee members decide the principles and philosophies of the party then search out nominate and support candidates they feel are best suited to implement the principles they have established at the yearly nominating convention where they decide which candidates will be placed on the ballot, then the voters get to chose which preselected by the committee, candidate they prefer when they vote in the election, so by the time a citizen votes in the election most of the choosing has already been done by the committeemembers, that is why it is important for tea party activists to be committeepeople because then we will be involved in the candidate selection process


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