What is The Precinct Project?

Political parties are political vehicles. They aren’t sacred and often times we can see them shift in significant ways when viewed historically. The reason for this movement is that these political vehicles are defined by the people who make them up. They are malleable and can be strongly influenced by dedicated groups of activists.

This truth has strong implications for all grassroots movements, such as the TEA Party. Most conservatives today realize that the historical realities and legal structure of our electoral system make our two-party system a long-term reality. Whether you are a fan of that or not doesn’t change that it’s a fact. Wishing the system to change will not make it so. There is a way, however, to change the way the party works!

The Precinct Project has been launched in an effort to help educate and motivate conservatives across the country to become more involved in the political process. Toward that end, we are working to gather and curate an ever-growing amount of information about how to become a Precinct Chairman or Committeeman, how to be effective in that role and how to maximize your impact within the party system.


What IF Your Local TEA Party Were to Run your Political Party?

Is the Party in your local area listening to input from the Grassroots? What if We the INFORMED People were to gather our power and influence in such a way that those at the top in the party would have to listen to us?

All across the state of Arizona, TEA Parties and Constitutional Conservatives worked to get conservatives into the ranks of our Precinct Committees. From there in many legislative districts and counties, we worked to get our Conservative Constitutionalists elected as delegates to our Arizona State Republican Convention.

We had our Arizona State GOP convention in Phoenix on January 22, 2011. The national GOP leadership and our powerful and established GOP Senators Kyl and McCain and Congressmen picked who they wanted to serve as our Arizona State GOP Chairman. They put on an elaborate campaign including the mailing of glossy postcards and speaking tours across the state.

The TEA parties learned of what was happening and rallied to communicate our desire to have leadership that represents the true grassroots and who would not seek to COMPROMISE at the earliest stage in the conflicts that are to come. We rallied our delegates to support this plan and we elected an entire slate of TEA Party picks to lead our Arizona State GOP Committee. Our man, Tom Morrissey, won the election on the third ballot by just one vote.

We won in spite of having a write-in candidate (Tom Morrissey) for state Chairman who was not known to be a candidate 72 hours before the election.

In Arizona, the TEA Party movement WILL RUN THE GOP!


Make a Difference Workshop on April 9 & May 14, 2011 in Prescott, AZ


This non-partisan workshop is to EMPOWER Constitutional Conservatives (true Patriots) to be effective in getting the CORRUPTION out of government. Help us defend the Constitution and the principles of limited government, individual responsibility, and free markets.


This is the Season. This is the Activist’s Real Job.

This is your resource.  A stunningly unique movement has been growing across the country and the new web site you are reading now is just another indicator of how strong that movement has become.   They are rediscovering something that most of our fathers hardly knew, but that out grandfathers probably knew quite well: direct and governing participation in our political process.    And it’s not just the tea party folk – true conservatives of every stripe and description are working together to implement this strategy.

Yes, I am talking about you.  Governing.  To take our country back.  It’s already working.  We are seeing big results*, and we’ve barely started.   More and more people are learning how to do this; it’s easy, and it’s effective.  Once you get used to it, it’s even fun.

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