Getting Involved in Missouri:

Missouri uses the primary system in even numbered years to select their voting party members, and the 2012 Primary will be held on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. More important are the dates you need to know for filing with your county election office if you want to be on the ballot: The filing window for this cycle is February,28 to March 25, 2012. In either case, if you are willing to explore the possibility of becoming a PC in MO, we urge you to contact our Missouri Coordinator, John Putnam, and utilize his website which has specific, detailed instructions aboutthe process in Missouri. John has been a PC since 1984 and is currently the Chairman of the Jasper County Republican Central Committee. His wife, Merre, is on the MO State Committee.

If you are reading this information after the August 2012 Primary, don’t give up. Half the precinct positions typically remain vacant and most counties have an appointment process for filling empty seats in between elections.

You can also contact your county chair and your county secretary (details below) and ask them when and where your party meetings are held. Attend those meetings and ask how you can be appointed to your countycommittee. Some counties in Missouri have an alternate system by which youcan assist your duly elected Precinct Chair with their duties. This is a great way to learn how the system operates and to train for future service.

When the next election season does roll around, plan on being there and being helpful.  Many folks are very surprised to find themselves emerging from their party reorganization meetings as the County Chair or as members of the State Committee (which means you help choose your State Chair and other leadership at the state and national level).

Thoughts from a Precinct Committeeman:

We talk to many activists who profess to be unable to endure the shame of working within the very Party that they feel has betrayed them.  Remember that the objective is to change the Party to be that Party we can eventually express approval for.  That will take some time, but there are so many activists engaging in this process now that in some states like AZ, NH, UT, NV, GA, and MO the change is taking place surprisingly quickly! Consider this: is the legacy you wish to leave for your children and grandchildren, freedom or enslavement. What constitutional conservatives have been doing in the past has not been successful. Thomas Jefferson, himself, said the Ward (Precinct) System is the only way to drive corruption out of political parties and preserve the Republic.

There may be more people than you think already on your party central committee who support your ideals, but feel out-voted by their peers and who would speak up more clearly if they have the support of greater numbers frompeople like you (I assure you, many of them are out there).  It may take awhile to identify these other committee members and ally with them.  In the meantime if you speak up publicly in favor of fairness and judiciousness on the committee, those members with whom you can ally will quickly come and identify themselvesto you — you will actually make allies on both sides that can be very valuable.

Contacting Your Party Chair:

In Missouri you can find a list of Republican County Chairs here. And a list of Democratic County Chairs here.

If these pages are not accessible, call your State Party Chair or County Election Office and ask for the needed contact information.
In any events, be sure to contact both your Party Chair and your Party Secretary– the Party Secretary often has more time to deal with beginning requests thanthe Chair does.  Be persistent.  Email and leave voice mail twice a week if youhave to, in order to get a response.  Determination is an asset in a party activist!

For more detailed instructions on becoming a Precinct Committeeman in Missouri, click here.


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