Getting Involved in Texas:

Through the past few years, more and more people have become frustrated with our country’s major political parties: Democrats and Republicans. The fact is that political parties are defined by the people who make them up. The individuals who decide to get involved. With that understanding, the question is: “Are you going to get involved?!”

There are infinite levels of activity in politics but among them, the role of the Precinct Chairman stands out in importance. It is the basic level of elected office within a political party and influences every other decision that is made. Party Platform resolutions begin in the precinct. State Convention delegates are appointing by the Precinct Chairmen. Local GOTV operations revolve around the activity and ability of the Precinct Chairman.

If you want to have an impact in politics, I would submit to you that becoming a Precinct Chairman is the first step you should take. The office is usually quite easy to secure, the time investment is flexible and your impact on local and state politics can be as small or significant as you choose.

We talk to many activists who profess to be unable to endure the shame of working within the very party that they feel has betrayed them. Remember that the objective is to change the party to be that party we can eventually express approval for. That will take some time, but there are so many activists engaging in this process now that in some states like AZ, NH, UT, NV, GA, the change is taking place surprisingly quickly! Consider if the legacy you wish to leave is freedom for your children and grandchildren, or enslavement for that same posterity with your own principles intact.

There may be more people than you think already on your party central committee who support your ideals, but feel out-voted by their peers and who would speak up more clearly if they have the support of greater numbers from people like you (I assure you, lots of them are out there).  It may take awhile to identify these other committee members and ally with them.  In the meantime if you speak up publicly in favor of fairness and judiciousness on the commmittee, those members with whom you can ally will quickly come and identify themselves to you — you will actually make allies on both sides and that can be very valuable.

Becoming a Precinct Chairman:

Contact your county chair and your county secretary and ask them when and where your monthly party meetings are held. Attend those meetings and ask how you can become a Precinct Chairman. You may discover that the election season to acquire a voting seat is 2 in the future. If your voting precinct has no chairman then it is possible that you can be appointed to that position by a majority vote of the County Executive Committee. Also ask if existing members of the committee are allowed to have voting alternates (or otherwise hold a voting proxy) and seek such an appointment or proxy.

Plan on attending monthly meetings anyway and make your presence known by volunteering for committees or other jobs. Vacancies can occur, and you want to be first in line for an appointment if one occurs. Even as a non-voting but active party member, you can greatly influence local party officials if you are judicious. When the election season does roll around, plan on being present and helpful.

Questions & Answers

What is the capitol of Texas?


What is the population of Texas?


How many electoral votes does Texas have?

36 Electoral Votes and Congressional Seats

What is the net change of Electoral Votes from the 2010 Census

+4 Votes

How often are Precinct Chairman elections held?

Every two years. Candidates may either run as write-in candidates or submit a notarized ballot application to their party's County Chairman. Because so many Precinct Chairman positions are unfilled, it is likely that you can secure a vacancy appointment. Should you find yourself in an actual race for the position, the low number of ballots cast in such elections makes the race all about personal contact and relationships.

Who has the authority to appoint Chairmen to fill vacancies?

The Party's County Executive Committee may appoint Precinct Chairmen to fill vacancies with a simple majority vote.

What are the qualifications for being a Precinct Committeeman in Texas?

You must be a qualified voter in that county, a resident of the precinct, not be a county, state or federal public officeholder or candidate for such offices and be affiliated with your choice of party by voting in that party's primary election.

Can I resign my position as Precinct Chairman?

Yes. The hope is that you will serve out the entirety of your term but should it become necessary, you can resign your post. You will need to submit a written letter of resignation that is signed and dated to your County Chairman, Executive Committee Secretary, County Clerk, Party Headquarters and the Secretary of States Office.

What is the best way to contact my County Chairman?

You can begin by clicking on your political party’s state website in the right side bar of this page. Many state web sites provide a list of county chairs (and sometimes other county officers) somewhere on their web site – you may have to look around for it. For states that do not provide a list of county chairs on their web site, you can try googling your political party’s county party headquarters. You may need to contact directory assistance to see if a county party HQ phone is listed. Finally, if the above doesn’t yeild results, you can contact a local elected official of your party such as a mayor, commissioner, councilman or state assembly member, or state senator whose staff can help you contact your local party. In all events, be sure to contact both your party chair and your party secretary – the party secretary often has more time to deal with beginning requests than the chair does. Be persistent.

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